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Frequently Asked Questions 


Q) Do you ship internationally? My country is not shown when trying to place an order online

Q) How Come a right angle is designated 0° instead of 90° ?

Q) Do the snap collars have to be used every time in the layout in order to end up with an accurate cut? Why can’t I just eyeball it and mark accordingly?

Q) How important is it to know where the exact centerline is? I have a bit of a problem determining centerline when I look at the intersecting tubes. Is there anything that might help with this?

Q) Can snap collar locators be purchased even if I don't have a SYNC180?

Q) A snap collar is a bit loose on the tube and does not stay in position. Do I need to buy a new one?

Q) Can the EASYNOTCH software be purchased separately?

Q) How long does it take to learn the EASYNOTCH © calculator software?

Q:What is the minimum size that can be notched with the SYNC180?

Q:Is there a conversion chart on this site?


The Sync180 Tubing Notcher is proudly made in the USA!