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The SYNC Notcher™

The SYNC180 - The heart of the SYNC NOTCHING SYSTEM.  It’s a quality built unit and proudly made in the USA . It’s a versatile tube notcher that is unlike most other holesaw-type notchers - it has the ability to cut at either side of the tube.
What’s so special about that is it gives you greater capabilities for angled notches, easier offset copes, angled copes and more.  
Sync Notcher

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The SYNC NOTCHING SYSTEM is more than just a high quality tube notcher. With its innovative jigs and its unconventional approach to producing finished pieces with challenging angles, this puts the SYNC NOTCHER in a class by itself! 

Even a novice can make a near perfect piece the very first time!  

View other demo videos in our video archive

Quick comparison bewteen the SYNC NOTCHER and other holesaw-type notchers


* SYNC Notcher

Other Tube Notchers

Max angle capacity   60°

50° w/ limitations  

Max tube dia capacity 2-1/2" (3.5" with optional lift kit)

2 to 2-1/2" + w/ limitations  

Offset coping   full capability up to 2-1/2" without any additional cutting, grinding or prying necessary usually not possible or limited capability
Angled offset coping yes none or very limited
Center drilling capability   yes no
Quick-clamp feature   yes no
Snap Collar Locators yes no
EasyNotch Software CD  yes no
Top loading vs.  End loading materials   top loading end loading
Arbor w/ Flats   yes no



The brain of the SYNC NOTCHING SYSTEM. 

The EASYNOTCH © calculators take all the guess work out of notching. Plug the figures in and up pops the answer to "where to start the notch?".  Measure and mark accurately and you'll have a finished product that fits as good as anything a professional fab shop can do. No more cut and grind, cut and grind, cut and grind - and it's still not right!

EASYNOTCH © software calculates the correct overall length and trim length for diameters up to 2-1/2" and degrees up to 60. And it factors in wall thickness - which in turn gives you all the advantages of making the most precise notch and ready-to-weld piece possible.  

Click here to see a demonstration of one of the EasyNotch © Calculator 


What's new!

Thin Wall Independent Tube Support (TWiTS)

Notching thin wall tubing is now possible with the aid of TWiTS. Also great for securing short piece of tubing.  View TWiTS



Maximize the notching capacity of your SYNCNOTCHER with our new Lift Kit

This optional accessory kit will increase the maximum usable size hole saw to 3.5”. The kit will also increase the maximum holding capacity of the vise jaws from 2-1/2 to 3.5”. The SYNC180 is easily converted by simply installing the shims between the jaws and base plate. Bolts are included.  View Syncnotcher Lift Kit

Featured Video "Fabbing a Grab bar"
In this video, we fabricate a grab bar. Although the SYNC180 was not designed to notch curved tubing, it does a pretty good job. View video




We were proud to showcase the Sync180 tube notcher at the FabTech show in Las Vegas. Fabtech is North America's largest metal forming, fabricating, tube & pipe and welding trade show.

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