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Introducing....  T-WiTS   (Thin Wall independent Tube Support)

Now have the capability to notch into thin tubing such as chromoly and titanium - without destroying the hole saw (or the tubing!)   Before now it has been nearly impossible to create a fishmouth with any hole saw type notcher (unless you've taken the time and energy to make some means of support).  


T-WiTS will improve the clamping capabilities in most all vises

Save money by utilizing short pieces! And hole saws and blades will last longer too with the better support from T-WiTS!

- tube notching
- milling
- sawing
- drilling
- bicycle frame mitering 
- motorcycle frame mitering 
- aviation 
Ever needed to clamp a short piece? 
...yet find it difficult (if not impossible) to secure? 
T-WiTS™ makes it simple!  
Watch this "short" (pardon the pun) video.


Watch a video of the T-WiTS in a notching application.


Affordable pricing! $19.95 each 


 If  T-WiTS™ can keep you from destroying just one or two hole saws... then they'll just about pay for themselves!  


Part Number Size Price Purchase
T-WITS-13 1/2" $19.95

T-WITS-16 5/8" $19.95

T-WITS-19 3/4" $19.95

T-WITS-22 7/8" $19.95

T-WITS-25 1" $19.95

T-WITS-29 1-1/8" $19.95

T-WITS-32 1-1/4" $19.95

T-WITS-35 1-3/8" $19.95

T-WITS-38 1-1/2" $19.95

T-WITS-44 1-3/4" $19.95

T-WITS-51 2" $19.95

Complete Set


Fine tooth holesaws are best for notching thinwall tubing. These new holesaws have a 10 teeth per inch as compared to standard holesaws.

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Take your tube notching to the next level! They simply snap onto the tube and can be rotated or slide into position during layup. They're a handy way to keep reference especially when rotating or flipping a tube around to make a second cut. 

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