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Lift Kit 

Maximize the notching capacity of your SYNCNOTCHER with our new Lift Kit

This optional accessory kit will increase the maximum usable size hole saw to 3.5”. The kit will also increase the maximum holding capacity of the vise jaws from 2-1/2 to 3.5”. The SYNC180 is easily converted by simply installing the shims between the jaws and base plate. Bolts are included.

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Larry Elliott - certified welder, sharing some pictures of mobile repair on crane booms using the SYNC180 Tube Notcher and Lift Kit


“The SYNC180 with the lift kit has increased my production time almost 3 fold.”
Larry has the Sync180 mounted to a custom made hitch off the backend of his work truck.
Here he is using a 3½” holesaw on a 1¼ tube. Larry uses holesaws upwards to 4”. The Sync180 with the optional lift kit makes it possible. No other notcher can swing a 4” holesaw.
A typical week’s worth of lacing braces that have been replaced."I’ve been using the SYNC180 for about a year now and it has made my job much more productive... all tubing fits require a 0 gap all the way around and using the SYNC180 sure beats the cut and grind method! … It’s been a great investment.” 


- Larry Elliott of ELLIOTT WELDING SERVICES, Kemp, Texas.

Click Here to purchase the Lift Kit